Shoe Spotlight: Jimmy Choo Bing Mule

Shoe Spotlight: Jimmy Choo Bing Mule:

If one gets down to following the beginnings of the most-desired shoes as of late, it will not shock anyone if a few streets lead to the Jimmy Choo ateliers. For example, superstar most loved Spear strappy shoes, gift-commendable Aveline bow shoes, and ever-exemplary Romy siphons, to give some examples. The rundown is long, and we will have many opportunities to discuss them. Today is for the exceptional Jimmy Choo Bing donkey, a plan that has turned into a House symbol in the blink of an eye.


Our Shoe Spotlight series features epic footwear styles planned by extravagant brands and darling by shoe sweethearts around the world. We picked the Bing donkey given how extraordinary a plan it is. Made by current Imaginative Chief Sandra Choi and delivered in 2018, the JC shoe stays well known and possesses an exceptional spot in the hearts and wardrobes of design’s top names.

3 Reasons Why We Love the Jimmy Choo Bing Mule

Jimmy choo Bing mule

1. Unique Design

The slip-on silhouette of the staple mule is taken and transformed in a way only JC can. A sharp pointed toe is contrasted with an open back, while the leather sole is carefully curved to create a gorgeous arch and meet the leg-lengthening heel. The shining factor that propels the shoe to elegance heaven is the hand-finished strap of sparkly stones that sit around the foot like a tiara. 

2. High Versatility

One can imagine the Jimmy Choo Bing sandal in any setting, be it a spring wedding, meeting room, dinner date, fashion week, or red carpet. The classy, style-elevating nature and wide range of options the brand offers make this a super versatile shoe option — one you can wear for any occasion.

3. Ageless Appeal

Like the other shoes from the mega shoemaker, the JC mule has an undying luster. It is glamorous, comfortable, feminine, and truly investment-worthy. You’ll keep wanting to wear your pair out no matter the season