Iconic Bags from Sex and the City

Iconic Bags from Sex and the City:

It’s been a long time since we met Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda interestingly. These four ladies from Manhattan City quickly turned into our dearest companions as they battled through kinships, love, and professions. Six seasons and two motion pictures later, Sex and the City keeps on being associated with its limit-pushing groups. The series got a striking social shift in the broadcast business via flawlessly mixing noteworthy style with convincing narrating. The engineer behind its notorious looks, beautician Patricia Field, prevailed with regards to fostering an unmistakable style for each person to exhibit their characters. As Carrie Bradshaw and her companions explore the intricacies of life, we remain powerfully attracted to their stylish closets.

Sex and the City presented innumerable patterns and presumably gifted the world its initial four forces to be reckoned with. From originator outfits to lavish embellishments, this show is a brief look at heaven for each style sweetheart. The unbelievable satchel minutes from the show are difficult to forget as, till today, every young lady fantasizes about possessing a Loaf or a Birkin. To tidy off those recollections, we have gathered 8 notorious packs from Sex and the City that we spotted and loved.

Fendi Baguette

iconic bags from Sex and the City

This isn’t a pack. It’s a Roll.” This well known scene from season 3, when Carrie answers to the mugger who requested her pack, is remarkable. After this, the Fendi Roll turned into a closet fundamental of each and every style fan and saw a momentous flood in its religion following. Fendi was the principal extravagance brand to advance its thing to SATC, and the turned out to be totally inseparable from the show. Showing up in various shades, the pack includes a slim shape, a notable FF clasp, and a short lash.

Dior Saddle 

iconic bags from Sex and the City

Etched in our memory is the renowned ensemble from season 3, when Carrie embarked on her second date with Aidan. She graced the occasion with a white top, pink pants, and an oversized flower pin. To complement this attire, she was spotted carrying a white & gold Dior Saddle bag. Throughout the series, it made multiple appearances and quickly became one of Carrie’s hot favorites.

Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Bag

In the film Sex and City 2, as Carrie and her friends sit around a table to enjoy a meal, the Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia bag rests beside Miranda. The structured exterior of the bag is painted in a yellow shade, and the Gancini motif on the front offers it a signature twist. 

The Judith Leiber Couture Swan Evening Bag

While Carrie might have been perplexed when Mr. Big gifted her the Judith Leiber Couture clutch, we were captivated by its allure. Adorned with shimmering crystals, this clutch in the shape of a swan emerged as one of the most iconic bags from Sex and the City and became a symbol of extravagance.

Hermès Birkin

iconic image from sec and city

Out of the relative multitude of famous packs from Sex and the City, the prevalence of Hermès Birkin rules. An epitome of extravagance, it is one of the best packs by VIPs for its eliteness and uniqueness. However, it was spotted at different minutes in the show, one scene, specifically, stands apart when Samantha is stunned to find out about the pack’s five-year holding up list. At the point when she alludes to it as a “pack,” the store staff rectifies her by saying, “It’s anything but a sack. It’s Birkin.”

Gucci Belt Bag

iconic bags from Sex and the City

Everything Carrie Bradshaw touches becomes a statement, and the Gucci belt bag was no exception. Whether paired with a midriff top or a white shirt, she deftly showcased its versatility. Created with an artistic vision, this bag is a testament to the brand’s illustrious legacy and intricate craftsmanship. 

Lady Dior Bag

iconic bags from Sex and the City

In the film SATC 2, Charlotte can be spotted conveying an exquisite pink Woman Dior sack as she walks the roads of New York with Carrie. Promoted for its getting through the claim and majestic status, the Woman Dior is one of the most speculation commendable packs from Dior.